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We treat & clean down through the padding, the real source of smells and stains

Clean Right Floor Specialists is a carpet cleaning company located in Seymour, IN. We use state-of-the-art truck mounted equipment paired with advanced cleaning techniques to deliver a clean, fresh and renewed carpet every time. We effectively remove dirt, debris, stains and allergens that are not only unsightly but can also be unhealthy.

Our process is simple but effective! We start by pre-treating tough stains and high traffic areas with a treatment chemical that tough yet safe. We follow the pre-treatment with a high pressure steam cleaner that cleans all the way to the sub-floor. While the dirt in your carpet is being blasted with steam, the suction is removing the dirt and any excess water leaving your carpet clean and residue free.

Why Choose Clean Right Floor Specialists

Great Customer Service
We take pride in being Seymour’s trusted carpet care experts. We are affordably priced and your satisfaction is our top priority. We will always provide a price quote before we begin work.

Professional Technicians
Our technicians are thoroughly vetted and well-trained. Many have several years experience cleaning carpets and other types of flooring.

Stain Elimination
Clean Right uses leading-edge cleaning methods to remove pet stains, wine, blood, dirt, and many others. Our goal is to extend the life of your carpet and leave it looking freshly renewed.

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

How long will it take for our carpet to dry?

Your carpets will be damp to the touch right after the cleaning is complete. Usually it takes 4 – 8 hours for carpets to completely dry. Of course drying times vary depending on humidity and airflow. We usually recommend during the summer time to turn all fans on and make sure the AC is running as it delivers good dry air that will speed up the dry time. For winter, we recommend turning the heat up and turning on all of your fans.

How soon can I walk on my carpet?

Feel free to walk on your carpets with your bare feet or socks immediately after we’re done. You should, however, wait until the carpets are completely dry before walking on them with shoes.

It’s important to note that when walking from carpet to a hard floor like tile or linoleum, the hard floor can be very slick due to your feet being wet from the carpet. Be careful!

How soon can I move my furniture back onto my carpet?

You can move your furniture back immediately after cleaning IF you place a piece of plastic between the leg of the furniture and the carpet. The purpose of the plastic barrier is to avoid any “bleeding” or rust stains that might occur due to the dampness of the carpet. Once the carpet is complete dry, just remove the plastic barriers. The alternative is to just wait until your carpet completely drys before moving your furniture.

What should I do before you start cleaning our carpets?

If we will be moving furniture while cleaning your carpets, please remove all breakables and small items from the areas to be cleaned prior to the appointment time. This includes plants, toys, magazines, etc.

If you have a pet(s), you should be aware that at least one door will be ajar while we are working. If you are concerned that your pet(s) may get out, you may want to close them in a room and let us know if you want us to let your pet(s) out before we leave.

We will need to park our mobile cleaning unit as close to the door as possible. Kindly leave us a space and move any vehicles that we may block in, if you will need them while we are there. It is difficult to move our van once we start cleaning.

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