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Your hardwood floors redefine and enhance the interior of your home. Not only are they the predominant focal point but they also affect everything else in from home from furniture to paint colors.

At Clean Right Floor Specialists we understand how important your hardwood floors are to you. We understand that your hardwood floors are as unique to your house as you and your family.

Our technicians will come to your home, restore your wood floors, leaving them looking shiny and new again! We provide effective, safe, and affordable hardwood floor restoration services that breathe life back into your floors making them nearly as beautiful as the day they were installed.

Our Process

Sanding and refinishing a wood floor is a skill that requires years of experience. There are many types of wood flooring, stains, dyes, and top coats that without the proper experience, you may end up in a worse position than before you started restoring your floors. At Clean Right Floor Specialists, we’ll use our many years of experience to restore your floor like it was our own. Below is the process that you go through to make your floors look like they’re almost brand new.

1. Assessment – we’ll look over your floor, decide what the best approach would be given your budget, and provide you with an estimate for work completed. We’ll also answer any questions and make adjustments to the estimate as needed.

2. Relocate Furniture – we need your floor clear of all obstructions which are in most cases furniture. We prefer that you handle this process yourself but we can help if needed. If you don’t have a place to store your furniture, it might make sense to rent a storage container from Pods or a similar company until the project is complete.

3. Sanding – we’ll use a drum sander for the bulk of your floor and an orbital sander for the edges to remove the previous finish until your floor is completely unfinished and silky smooth.

4. Clean – sanding makes a mess. We’ll take the next few hours scouring your floor for every tiny bit of dust, debris, and dirt. We have designed a method that ensures a completely clean floor that’s ready for stain and/or polyurethane.

5. Apply Stain – this step is optional. If you going for the o’naurale look, you might want us to skip this step. However, if you’re looking to add some depth an color, this is when we do it. We’ll apply your choosen color of stain to the entire floor, by hand, until every inch is covered.

6. Top-coat (polyurethane) – this is where it all comes together. We’ll apply a coat of polyurethane over the entire floor. After the first coat dries, we’ll apply one more for good measure. Now all you have to do is wait 2 – 4 days for the floor to completely cure before bringing your furniture back in.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you consider refinishing your hardwood floors?

Scratches, dings, dullness, and warping are all indications that it’s probably time for a hardwood floor makeover. There are a could of things to consider first before deciding that restoring the floor is best.

1) How thick is the flooring? Most genuine hardwood floors begin their life at 3/4″ thick. If the floor is many decades old, you’ll want to be sure that there’s enough board left to refinish. And of course, we can help you with finding the thickness.

2) How damaged is the floor and what kind of damage is it. If more than 30% of the floor is damaged then it might be better to replace as opposed to restore the floor. As far as the type of damage goes – heaving warping, rotting, or termite damage might also warrant replacement over restoration.

If the decision is made to restore, we’ll go to work repairing and restoring your floors to their near-new look!

How much dust does refinishing our floors create?

There’s no denying that refinishing wood floors is a little dusty. We make every effort to minimize the impact that dust has on your home. We do this in a couple of ways:

1) All of our sanders have dust extraction systems built in. While it doesn’t remove all of the dust, they do a good job of controlling the dust that results from sanding

2) We tape of sections of your home that aren’t part of the restoration project. That way the dust is contained to the room being refinished.

While no job is dust free, we do our best to control the dust as much as possible.

How long does it take to restore hardwood floors?

The length of time to complete a job depends on a few factors – what type of polyurethane is being used, how may square feet of flooring is being refinished, and the relative humidity. Oil based polyurethanes take longer to dry while water-based polyurethanes take a shorter period to dry. We’ll let you know roughly how long it will take in our estimate.

Can you change the color of your hardwood floor?

Absolutely. Once the floors are sanded, you can stain them any color you like – light or dark.

How long before we can walk on our newly restored hardwood floors?

Generally speaking, it takes 24 hours for the top coat (polyurethane) to cure enough for foot traffic. Our recommendation is that you limit foot traffic to “socks only” after the 24 hour period up to 48 hours. No pets for at least 48 hours – those claws are sharp! After 48 hours your floor should be fully cured and ready for action.

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