Scottsburg, IN Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Like most things in your home or business, carpets must be regularly cleaned to maintain its look and condition. Clean Right Floor Specialists in Scottsburg use industry-leading techniques to rid your carpet of stains, odor, and dirt. We use the latest equipment and safe cleaning chemicals that lift soil, dust and allergens out of your carpet without leaving any residue.

The end result? A fresh, clean rug or carpet that looks and feels near brand new. For those who want added carpet protection, we offer our special stain protection using DuPont Teflon Advanced formula.

Pet Odor Specialists

Pet accidents around the house leave stains and smell awful. When you have pet stains and the resulting smell but can’t seem to get rid of them, call the pet odor specialists. We provide pet odor removal services that effectively deal with the smell by killing all bacteria and traces of ammonia. Our specialists use safe cleaning solutions that are pet and family-friendly.

Vinyl Tile Stripping, Waxing & Polishing

Commercial businesses need to pay attention to their vinyl tile flooring. First impressions matter and your floor is one of the first things a client notices after they enter your establishment. Therefore, it’s important you maintain your floor using a high-quality stripping, waxing and polishing service by Scottsburg’s best.

Our cleaning specialists have worked in various commercial settings, including schools, hospitals, retail shops, restaurants, corporate offices, and others.

You’ll see and even feel the quality provided by our trained professionals. Our process starts by stripping the wax and dirt from the vinyl tiles. Once the vinyl tiles are thoroughly cleaned, we apply several layers of durable high-quality wax. After the wax cures, the tiles are buffed to a high shine. Your floor will look brand new and will be sure to impress anyone who walks into your building.

Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

There’s an overwhelming satisfaction when old hardwood floors are restored, it’s almost as if time reverses itself bringing back the luster and beauty. Our wood floor specialists are experts in sanding and finishing hardwood floors in Scottsburg, Indiana and surrounding areas. We work with all types of wood flooring including distressed surface, smooth surface and even reclaimed wood flooring.

We start the hardwood restoration process by sanding the damage out of the hardwood material, i.e., the dings, nicks, and scratches. You can choose to apply stain or leave the wood in its natural form. To stain or not to stain isn’t a decision to take lightly because once the top (clear) coat goes down the only way to back up and apply stain is to redo the whole floor. Last, the top clear coat is applied to give your floor that high-quality shine.


Furniture isn’t immune to daily wear and tear so don’t throw away your favorite piece of furniture just because it lost its glow over time. Much like your carpets and rugs, furniture attracts dust, dirt, and allergens that could cause your furniture to look dingy and could be detrimental to you or your family’s health. Our technicians can bring that piece of furniture back to life with our profession upholstery cleaning service.

Regardless of the type of fabric, our upholstery cleaning can extend the life of your chairs, loveseats, or couches. We start by test your fabric, then apply a pre-conditioner to loosen soil and other particles, followed by a deep steam cleaning using minimal water. That process removes most of the bacteria, dirt, and allergens that accumulate over time. The result is furniture that looks and smells great.


Cleaning tile and grout can be a challenge for both homeowners and businesses. While tile and grout look great and can take a lot of abuse, over time, the pores collect dirt and grime that a mop simply can’t remove. That’s where we can help! Our expert technicians will return your tile to near new condition using high-pressure floor scrubbers and chemicals. Our ceramic tile cleaning service penetrates deep into the porous surfaces removing bacteria and dirt. As a result, you’re left with tile that looks renewed and clean, free of bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants that causes tile to look dingy and old. Another added benefit is that regular cleaning will extend the life of your tile and grout.


Call Clean Right Floor Specialists for all your janitorial service needs in Scottsburg. We pay special attention to detail and work hard to make your facility free of dust, dirt, and germs. You’ll instantly feel the professional difference the moment you step inside your office, building or commercial establishment. Our cleaning specialists are attentive and can work closely with you to meet your cleaning needs and exceed expectations every single time.

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